All counts will be reported as per 80,000 because that is roughly the population of Kosciusko County.


Indiana State Data


Hospitalizations - Indiana

Govenor Holcomb as decided that hopspitalization numbers are one of the most important indicators for how we are doing.

This graph starts much later than the others because hospitalization numbers were not reported until April 25.

The blue dashed lines are smoothed weighted averages.

Cases - Indiana

Percentage of Positive Tests

The percentage of tests coming back positive is one way to measure the prevalence of testing.

Deaths - Indiana


Kosciusko Data


Note that the y-axis scales of these graphs are different than the state-level data.

Cases - Kosciusko

Deaths - Kosciusko

Note that if the number of deaths below is more than the official count according to Kosciusko county, that is most likely because our data source is also counting non-residents of Kosciusko county who have died in Koscisusko county.


Indiana Outbreaks

The coloring scheme for the map below is based on a combination of new cases and new deaths per captita in the past week. The coloring scheme is relative, it will always color the worst county pure red.